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Child Protection
Area of Responsibility

Our aim is to lead the coordination of child protection efforts in Myanmar in order to ensure children in emergencies are protected from abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence.

We provide a platform for child protection actors to coordinate, create partnerships, share resources and information with an overall goal of enhancing the protection of children in emergency situation.

What We Do

Making A Difference

Advocacy and engagement

We work with all child protection actors to ensure they have a voice within the humanitarian system.


Technical Support

We aim to assist all Child Protection actors with information, resources, tools and training to improve services for children and their caregivers.

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We aim to ensure the efforts of national and international humanitarian actors to protect children are well coordinated, achieving maximum quality and impact.

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Terms of References

Child Protection AoR Terms of Reference

CLCP Working Group Terms of References

Strategic Advisory Group Terms of Reference

Localization Working Group Terms of Reference

GBV-CP Working Group Terms of Reference

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CP AoR Myanmar mailing list

Please subscribe if you are interested to join the CP AoR mailing list, receive regular updates, and meeting invites. If you are already part of the mailing list and wish to update your contact information, we encourage you to fill the form to update your information in our contact list. 
Disclaimer: Information shared through this form are maintained with confidentiality and will not be shared without permission of the individual.

Do you have relevant Child Protection material for Myanmar?

If yes, please share them with Krissie Hayes (, Kyaw Min Oo (, and Ei Thae Su Han (

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